New Addition


I must confess that I love animals in RL, but have avoided the whole SL pet thing until yesterday when a friend gave me a kitten.

I didn't think I would be that excited about it but, as I put the box on ground to unpack it and it told me my kitten would arrive in 30mins, I admit I got a wee bit excited. I used that 30mins to go and buy some food and quickly read up on caring for my kitten.

I then raced back to witness her emergence from the cardboard box and from then on I was smitten with the kitten.

She is now 1 day old and growing! What I need from you is a name. If you have any ideas, let me know!

If you are interested in a kitten wander over to KittyCatS! and take a look around! I am off there now, cos I feel she needs a collar.

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