Out of My Tree!


It is a multifarious post today with items and topics from hither and thither. It is me. What else would you expect?

You also know that I get excited about the weekend cos there are so many things to see and do and buy!

I am also excited because tomorrow is May 1st in Aryaland and then SL, and so you know that that means? Yes! New hunts will happen this month and also Culture Shock opens to the public today on May 1st at midday SLT! Aaaahhh! I know!

Now the next part needed to be scripted as it looked weird otherwise, so bear with me.

Me: So, Mister and I were talking...
You: You and who?
Me: Sorry?
You: Who is Mister when he is at home?
Me: Have you forgotten the other half of the dynamic duo already?
You: Batman and Robin?
Me: Noooo, the other duo...me and Mister. He is the other blogger on this blog. His picture is at the top of this page
You: Oh, him. Always wondered who he was. Thought he was your alt or something.
Me: Oh good grief, he hasn't been away that long. He has been busy in 'that place that shall not be named'.
You: You mean RL?
You: (sound of footsteps running away)
Me: Was it something I said? Anyhooo...Me and Mister were talking and we have decided we need a new blog name that incorporates both of us more. So, if you have any ideas or thoughts on a cool blog name for us, then throw it in comments or send me an IM. Make sure you put your name on it, cos there might be a reward for the best one.
You: (Sound of footsteps coming closer...and panting). Did you say a reward?
Me: Depends if we use it, but sure!

So, there ya have it!

Ok, enough mucking around. Here is what you have been waiting for...

Pic 1:
Tree and Swing: D-Lab - Cyber Tree Swing (75L in Project Themeory)

Pic 2:
Top: Fishy Strawberry - Country Life Shirt - River (100L @ Culture Shock)
Skirt: Fishy Strawberry - Wild Nature Skirt - Dirty White (200L @ Culture Shock)
Hair: Truth - Gigi (250L for colour pack)

Pic 3 and 4:LinkCouch: LISP Bazaar - Rogue Sofa - Pirate Jack Sofa with singles and couples poses (75L in Project Themeory - also pink sofa option)
Top: Kamikaze - Sandra 5 (New Release Item)
Leggings - Kamikaze - Sandra 5 (10L for 12 hours from 8am Sat SLT)
Hair: Truth - Sandra - Chocolate (Just had to wear it cos it was called same name as pants and top)

And, yes, I am jumping on the couch.

Pic 5:
Dress: Mashooka - Naina Dress (Update Group Gift)


These are from Mynerva and are for their birthday celebration. The hunt is for group members and you must have a tag to get the cupcakes. Four are hidden on ground floor and one upstairs. Easy to find.

Eyes are from Amacci - Real Eyes - Hypnotic (BSC Hunt)

1. Adele B-Cup

2. Adele B-Cup Tan

3. Kiko

4. Little Beckie

5. Night Drow

...and lastly here is a hint of something dear to my heart that is coming up...muuahhhhaaaaaaaa!

Lastly, you may think it, but no I am not on drugs and I have not been drinking. So, there.

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  1. "Mr Klaber's Braveheart"? "Arya and the mysterious Mister Klaber"? :-)

  2. Ooh god suggestions, I am very mysterious! :D I have been suggesting, "Arya Hearts Mister".

  3. 2 MisterAryaous HEARTS
    MisterAryous (finds...)

    MISTERARYA (lane) lol