Vital Statistics


I saw this question about your SL digits on Chic Aeon's blog and it led me to Strawberry Singh's blog too.

It is interesting to me how people choose to be on SL. I chose my shape from Skin Within in mid-2009 and haven't changed it since.

I tried a diff shape the other day and remarked to a friend that I suddenly didn't look like me anymore, which is weird as in RL I look nothing like Arya! You just get used to the way your avi looks I guess.

Arya is not too tall (although I noted she is taller than when I last measured her, which is interesting...), and she is curvy. This is a real pain with some SL clothes, but I didn't want her to be pencil thin and over 7 feet tall. This is ok when one is a Na'vi, but I was happier with her being closer to my actual height in RL.

Arya also has a butt and boobs. This is because I do in RL and I think she suits her curvy shape. I like mine in RL too!

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