Captured by Neon Carrot


This week's Blogger Colour Challenge is all about carrots...well, not exactly, but the colour is NEON CARROT.

I went through three choices of scene/outfits before I settled on this one.  I really thought about what I picture when I think carrot (orange) and nothing says that like prison overalls.  They pretty much cornered the market on orange.

Oh, and a word of caution:  Don't put 'prison' into the search and go visiting random sims.  I did and now I may need therapy and a bath.

Outfit:  Ange's FreeUse Photo Studio - Woman's Prison Top, Pants and Tank (0L)
Hair:  Truth - Kensei - Pumpkin (Past Hunt Item or Freebie)
Choker:  Urban Dysfunction - Love Lock It Choker (Past Hunt Item)
Face Wounds:  SeVered Garden - Bloody Face Tattoo (Lucky Board?)
Tattoos:  Para Designs - Tribal Gift Dark (0L)
Shoes:  HOC Apparel - HOCs Lowtops (Shoe Fair - 50L - Colour Change)
Prison: Glitterati - Lockdown (Used this at Ange's Free Use Photo Studio)

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  1. Two great minds, two people stuck eating prison food lol... whatcha in for?? Love it on you though, you rock that orange!

  2. Knowing me, it would be crimes against fashion. Food ain't so bad either compared to my cooking!

  3. HAAHHAHAHAHAA LOVE IT!!!!! Great job..and I have to laugh in reading Rudh and Arya's comments LOL..funny girls.

    I'll never be able to watch "lock up" or any other jail tv show without not thinking of you and Rudh in orange jumpsuits..LOL...GAWD the visual!!!!

  4. Very creative! And I can only imagine what fun things you came up with looking for a prison in SL.