The Graduate


Oh, Hello! Guess what? I'm baaaaackkkk! You've all read about me going on a blogger's hiatus to focus on my schooling, but now I have some great news. I'll give you a hint, see the picture below.

There are 14 days till I graduate, which means I have more time to devote towards SL and I've missed it oh so much. I'm just so excited for the commencement that I went out and bought graduation regalia on SL to celebrate! I also promised my new friend, Adara, that I'd wear a gown for her :-). You can get this gown on marketplace by Kats Meow Costumes or just go to their store HERE.

I'm looking forward to all the creations that will be available for the month of May. I feel like I've been out of the loop and my inventory could use some updating. Here are some great items I've been fortunate to come across since my return.

Picture 1:

Black Jeans and Top: Wilson's Designs - May 2011 Group Gift (0L)
White Undershirt: Gisaci -Cambridge Cuffed Shirt (Not Free)
Necklace: Whippet and Buck - Memory Collector (Past Fifty Linden Friday Item)

Align Center

Picture 2:

Top: Upperman - Denim Jacket (Group Gift, get it while available)

Picture 3:

Tshirt: Arnadi - Dirty Chucks (Where is..Hunt #15 Look for a Donut)
Undershirt: SAIKIN - Henley Shirt (Not Free)

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  1. Who are you and what are you doing on my blog? Kidding! Welcome back, Bloggah!!

  2. Nice to have you back mister!!!!

  3. Hahaha :P
    ACTUALLY we were talking about you wearing pink dude, and wasnt there something said about a pink GOWN? :PP

    But congrats at your graduation ;)