Princess of Pink


Me: "And I was all like, "He is sooo cute!" And Candy was all like, "I know, right!" So, Jenny, do you think he likes me? Aaahhhh!! I know! He so looked at me today in math and said, "Sup?" And I said, "Nothin' much." We like totally connected."

This week's Blogger Colour Challenge is all about PINK! This whole picture morphed many times until I went with this finished product. Do NOT even get me started on how long it took to get the pose just right...


It is funny me all in pink, cos I am pretty much the anti-pink in RL. More black and denim. Still, I guess that is the fun of SL.

Dress: Izzie's - Magnolia Dress
Jewellery: Donna Flora - Butterfly Set
Bracelet: FineSmith Jewellery - Athena Bracelet
Hair: Truth - Eden - Chocolate
Shoes: Deviant Designs - Pink Luna
Makeup and Lashes: Amacci - Frosted Lips Tattoo - Pink 7 and
Skin: Apple May Designs - Misha Gothly
Phone: Olive Juice - Phone 5
Rug: SyDs - Clover Rug
Table, Plant, Curtains and Bench: MudHoney - Black and Pink Boudoir Set
Bag: Duh! - Big Tote - Pink
Headphones: SocialANGtz - Phoenix Skulleez - Pink Skully
Suitcase: StoRin - Pink Suitcase

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  1. So cute... love the look that you've pulled together and the photo is brilliant! I'm an anti-pink girl too!

  2. I love the bit you wrote, so hilarious! She looks the part, too. It shows that you took your time adjusting the pose, I really like the angle. Good job!