Two Days of Goodies


Ahh, the weekend rolls around again and that means two days of wandering and grabbing bargains. Hoorah! Today I have items from 50L Friday, Super Bargain Saturday, Project Themeory, Culture Shock and much much more. Whew!

Pic 1:
Top: Kyoot - Sunday Girl - White on White (50L Friday)
Shorts: Yulicie - Short Tights (Part of gift in Wicked Hunt)
Hair: Truth - Cassandra - Chocolate (250L for colour pack. Note: I used Upper only on clothes shots so that we could see clothes. In later pics I am wearing full version.)

Pic 2:
Top: Kamikaze - Clara Top 6 (10L for 12hours from 7am Sat)
Jeans: Kamikaze - Hannak Jeans - Dark Blue (New Item)

Pic 3:
Top: Kyoot - Sunday Girl - Mayflower (50L Friday)
Jeans: Kamikaze - Hannak II Jeans - Blue (New Item)

Pic 4-8 :
Furniture: {what next} - Norwegian Wood Living Room (Available at Culture Shock)
House: Molto Bene! - Mini Farmhouse (60L in Super Bargain Saturday)

Pic 9 and 10:
Swing: Awesome Blossom - Lazy Days Tire Swing (75L for Project Themeory)
Boat: Awesome Blossom - Lazy Days Rowboat (60L for SBS)

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