Where Is...?


That is the name of the hunt, and in this case it is Where is the Donut? Nom, nom! It has great stores and the donuts are not too hard to find. I found all but one and I am pretty sure that one was not out yet. Well, that is my excuse and I am sticking to it.

Pic 1:
Bikini: Izzie's - Bikini - Blue

Pic 2 and 3:
Dress: DeeTalz - White Dress
Bikini: DeeTalz - Minimini Cherries Bikini

Pic 4:
Dress: [Sassy Kitty Designs] - Meadow Dress

Pic 5:
Shirt: Bellies - Red Beach Shirt
Bikini Top: Izzie's - Bikini - White
Jeans and Belt: Moloko - Jeans - Torn White

Pic 6:
Dress: Garage - Coco Dress

Pic 7:
Top: X*plosion - Street Style Shirt
Jeans: Poison - Woodstock Jeans

Pic 8:
Cardigan: IrEn - Cardigan Violet
Tattoo: (nestle my bosom) - We Became Silhouettes

Pic 9:
Top: C.Smit - Sally- Strawberry
Pants: [NV] - Tartan Baggies (I debaggied them cos they are made for boys and they made me look like I had an accident...)
Sneakers: BALKANIK - Red City Sneakerz

Pic 10:
Dress: [Cynful] - Jasmine Babydoll Dress

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