Ah, The Serenity


It is nice just chillin' in SL today.  I am relaxing after a crazy day yesterday.  Whew!  Nice to kick back and relax my weary pixels in this cool preloved lawn chair from {what next}.  I picked it up at the Strawberry Hunt at Where It Begins. Not sure if this is still going, but worth checking out to see if it is.

The dress, that I have used as a top, is from Acid & Mala and is a ZombiePopcorn gift.  The pants (from Kis Kis ) and the boots (from Duh!) are too. It is the last day of the hunt, so get ya zombie butts into gear and race to get all the goodies.

The skin I am wearing is from IrEn and is available at The Fashion Garret for 70L!  Bar-gain!

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