Come Get Ya Popcorn!


And I have hotdogs and and funnel cake too!  Feast time!  Nom, nom!  But, you know...I just don't understand why no one is coming to buy anything from me...Could it be because it is ZombiePopcorn?  No surely not.

More items from the ZombiePopcorn Hunt and also from the Creative Souls sales event.

Outfit:  [JEM] - Milka Shirt and Zara Skirt
Tattoos:  Para Designs - Loyalty Black Dark
Piercings:  Razorblade Jacket - Safety Pin Face
Shoes:  BC322 Skulls and Bones - Slip on Sneaker
Pose Items:  Sweet Bites - Hotdog Stand and Umbrella Set, Popcorn Popper Set, Funnel Cake Set (Creative Souls)

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