The Denim Made Me Do It


I was a nice girl until the day I got my first pair of denim blue jeans.It all went downhill from there...

Today for the Blogger Colour Challenge I pretty much ignored the colour (hmmm) and went with the texture.  Denim!  I also decided that I would try and only use items from the Zombie Popcorn Hunt, cos it is current and it also saves me blogging them separately tomorrow....see, not just a pretty face.

I think I managed to do it, except for the poses and the guns!  Dang.

"These are not fingers in my bag, officer..."
"No, I will not step away from the car!!"
“When women wear denim it (the derriere) must look elegant. It's the second thing every woman looks at in the mirror, but it's the first thing she cares about. She does that half twirl, her back arched and her head craned around. If the jeans are right, the experience is transforming, like putting on a magic cloak.”
Ritu Kumar 

Top:  [ANCAYI] - Zombie Top
Jeans:  AMERICAN BAZAAR - ZombiePopcorn Capri
Skin:  Glam Affair - Layla Light Skin - My Sweet Vampire
Hair:  MINA Hair - Tinke - Moonlit
Boots:  Duh! - Racy Boots - Red
Face Blood and Dirt:  V.E.L - Busted - Face and Chest
Bag:  DECO - Fingersnatcher Bag
Guns:  Olive Juice - Lara's Left and Right Gun (From Gamer's Pose Set)
Eyes in Pic 3:  REPULSE - Lacerated V4 Eyes

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  1. LOVE the photos, you look fab... so its not the colour of the swatch it kicks butt!!! Love it...

  2. Hah! Denim and guns indeed. Good work combining ZPH to the challenge. :)

  3. You NAILED that badass look!

  4. Sexy, utilitarian and deadly, remind me not to make you mad. ;-)

  5. Ha, thanks guys. You all rock. You know, from looking at everyone's pics this week, I don't think denim is a colour, I think it is an attitude.

  6. You are the Most Awesome Denim Zombie. Great job!