In the Kitchen With Arya


Hello, my name is Arya Braveheart and today we are going to make some delicious banana bread.  Yum!  (Said in best Julia Child voice)

First, you will need to get into some clothes for cooking.  In my case I am wearing Mister's clothes, cos I don't want to get mine dirty.  I am sure he won't mind.

 Next, you will want to whip over to {what next} and grab this amazing kitchen set so that you can actually bake the bread.

 And thirdly, you will not want to eat mine.  I am not sharing.  Pass the butter, please!

 Clothes and Shoes:  CW Male - Khaki Shorts, Yellow Linen Shirt and Brown's Oxford Shoes (New Item - Can be bought as separates or whole outfit)
Kitchen:  {what next} - Laurel Cottage Kitchen

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  1. I think that What Next did a great job on this kitchen. : )

  2. I know, right! It rocks! Best one I have seen.

  3. As does your blog Arya. Loving the bigger pictures.

  4. Thanks, Kav! I am loving them too.