Laundry Day


You know, I was looking through my inventory and I wondered what the smell was and then I realised I had not washed any of these clothes in a very long time.  I did do the sniff test on a few and they were ok, but the rest needed a jolly good wash!

Lucky for me that Cleo Designs has this wonderful laundry set for Lazy Sunday!  Hoorah!  All the items you see are part of it and you can even colour change the shelf and use the poses on the dryer, washing machine and clothesline!  Even the hula hoop and gloves are part of this amazing set.  Brilliant!

Dungarees:  [Cynful] - Mia Dungarees White (New Item)
Boots:  Sweet Leonard - Note Wellies (ZombiePopcorn Hunt)
Scratches:  Fallen Doll - Back Scratch Tattoo (ZPH)
Hair:  Truth - Lucia - Chocolate (250L for colour pack)
House:  Designer Prims - This Ole House (799L)

NB:  A friend mentioned to me yesterday that it would be good to know if bloggers and designers have altered the pics they take, as she bought a skin that turned out to be way lighter than appeared in the vendor pic.  So, to let you know, I used Picasa and I edited the pics using the 'warmify' option to make everything look more rustic (yellowy). There, now ya know.

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