More Lazin' About


My friend Elle, from Designer Prims, let the group know that she had four hunt items hidden around her store, so I ran over to find them.  Elle is so kind that she even put the hints in one easy card for you, available at the tp in point.  Thanks, Elle!

The prizes were pretty easy to find too (more hugs to Elle) and were definitely worth the trip over!  Check these out.
Clothes are from Cynful.  Shoes are from Duh!  Hair is from Truth.

Pic 1:
Summer Patio - Sand and Sun Hunt

Pic 2:
Think Pink Lounger, Furniture and Flowers - Think Pink Hunt

Pic 3:
Outdoor Tropical Daybed - Sizzling Summer Hunt

Pic 4:
Cocktails and Nature - Hot Summer Hunt

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  1. Awww that Elle rocks, those gifts are primo.

  2. awww thanks guys, glad you liked them :)