Sunday Showcase


There are a ton of great hunts out for this month and I've been busy in SL once again sorting through creations I feel are great to add to your inventory. Again, keepin' it short and sweet, here are some of my finds.

Picture 1:

Cardigan Top: Havok - Hard Knock Cardigan (MENstuff)

Picture 2:

Outfit: Bait - Legacy Tank/Breezy Sweater/ Breezy Jeans (MENstuff)

Picture 3:

Outfit: Somapop - Surf Shirt/Pants Paco (SSH)

Picture 4:

Shirt and Tee: Sonic Death Monkey- SSH Thrasher Shirt/Jacket (SSH)
Jeans: Acid and Mala - I <3 My Jeans Unisex ( DSN)

Picture 5:

Tattoo: Sonic Death Monkey - Fexigore Tattoo Fresh (DSN)

Picture 6:

Tattoo: ::Mortality:: - Grim Tattoo (MENstuff)
Jeans: Kosh - Linen Shorts Petrol (Zombie Popcorn)

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