For The Love OF.....


SUMMER! One of my favorite hunts of the year is starting in a few minutes at 6pm SLT. It's the "For The Love Of Summer Scavenger Hunt". There are a lot of great stores involved and the hunt has had great reputation in the past. Starting point will be at Pestle&Twig. Want more information? Click on the image below to be redirected to the official site:

Taken from the site:

"F. T. L. O. Summer Scavenger Hunt
The FTLO Summer Scavenger Hunt starts July 25th and includes TONS of great stores! This hunt has a MONSTER twist! How does it work?
The day the hunt starts you will receive an NC in the form of a group notice giving you the starting location, you tp to the location and search NOT FOR A HUNT OBJECT but for an existing item already on sale inside the store. The item shall have been secretly marked down to 1L. By purchasing the item for 1L, you will get the existing item as a bonus, the Summery hunt item, the LM to the next store, and an NC with a clue as to the next store's secret sale item.
There will be NO HUNT LIST, the point of this hunt is to make it like a scavenger hunt, you have to have one item to find the next!
1. There will be NO hunt object.
2. The hunt item will be hidden within 30 meters of the TP location.
3. The sale item that the hunt object is hidden inside will be marked for 1L ONLY.
4. All other 1L items in the store will be marked as 0L or 2L or removed for the duration of the hunt."

Also, be sure to join the FTLO...Group in-world for updates or any other information. I'll be on the hunt tonight, so I'll see you around! :D

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