FTLO Summer Scavenger Hunt


Met some great people on this hunt! If not during the hunt, you'll definitely meet amazing people in group chat too. This hunt is unique in that there is no specific hunt item. Each store has set one of their items to 1L. In addition to getting that item, you also get the FTLO item (two for 1l deal)!

Join the Group to get updates and a notecard with most of the store hints as to which item is set to 1L. As many have said, it's a different hunt concept, yet rewarding.

Picture 1:

Undies: [Lazybum] -Basic Briefs Blue (FTLO)

Picture 2:

T-shirt: Razorblade Jacket - Sick Shirt Light/Dark (FTLO)

Picture 3:

Hat/Hair: Lelutka - Breeze Hair (Group Gift)
Glasses: Blah - Nerdy Acid Glasses (FTLO)
Cardigan: Kis Kis - Unisex Long Cardigan/Mint (FTLO)

Picture 4:

Accessories: Boof - Indiana Jones Gear (FTLO)

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  1. Holy cow! Thank you for the blog! *hugs and runs off humming the Indiana Jones Theme song*

  2. Haha, no problem! I accidentally rezzed your Indiana Walker on the floor of my skybox. For a full day, I couldn't figure out why the music would play when I wasn't wearing it! lol...