It's T-Shiiiirrrt Timmmeee!


Oh, wow, hey so you're probably thinking, "Did he just make a reference from the Jersey Shore!?" Yes, yes I did, don't hate! It's a perfect title because they're always talking about how you gotta look "fresh" when going out. Here are some t-shirts that are included in the dollarbie bag at Cheeseburger. It has seven t-shirts to keep you looking fresh through the summer.

Pictures 1-7:

Tshirts: Cheeseburger -Dollarbie Grab Bag (1L)
*All 7 t-shirts come available in every layer*

Hop over to Delirium's lucky chairs where you can get the outfits pictured below. The chairs change letters every 5 minutes and I found that the wild card "?", comes up frequently.

Picture 8:

Sweater: Delirium Style - StarStruck Male (Lucky Chair)
*outfit comes with camo pants and shoes not shown*

Picture 9:

Outfit: Delirium Style - Beat It Male (Lucky Chair)

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