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Oh, hello welcome to my blog, Mister's Heart. Strange, some woman has been on here claiming to be a blogger on this site for awhile now. I just don't know how to get her to go! :P
July has been turning out to be a great month for skins, just in time to show off for the summer.

Head over to FACES to grab their latest group gift. The skin shows a lot of definition and details.

Picture 1:
Skin:Faces- Paul Skin (group gift)
Boxer Briefs: Vitamen - Vitamen Monthly (0L)
*Comes in blue, green, mono, pink, and purple*

Stop by 22769 to pick up their group gift. The outfit comes with a white tank, but I figured it's summer and what a better time to display your new skin. So, I opted to not wear it in this picture.

Picture 2:

Outfit: 22769- Group Gift July

I really like this next outfit, also by 22769. It's very clean and complimentary. It's part of the Gallery Gift Shop Event.

Picture 3:

Outfit:22769 @ Gallery- Gallery Gift Shop Event

Gizza has their first year anniversary gifts out. The store is definitely one that deserves a spot in your groups.

Picture 4:

Outfit: Gizza - FirstYear Gift (Group Gift)

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  1. wowow what a skin Mister. You been working out?