PouPee Season


If you haven't started the Seasons Hunt:Summer, you should really get out there and grab some great items. There's another great hunt called the PouPee Hunt that is well worth your SL time. I also picked up some great sales items to coordinate and enhance the appeal of the outfits.

Picture 1:

Hair: Angel @TFG -John Hair (70L)
Top: Somapop - Somapop Sweater 13 (PouPee Hunt)
Jeans: Somapop @ The Gallery - jj jeans blue (15L)

Picture 2:

Top: Arnadi - Spock Greeting (PouPee Hunt)

Picture 3:

Hat: Sheep Door- Knit Cap with Hair (Opening Gift)
Top with vest: Sheep Door - Vest with Gunjo Tshirt (PouPee Hunt)

Picture 4:

Shirt: Pivaaca- Linen Checked Shirt (Seasons Hunt)

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