Reinvent Yo'self


Lately, I've been exploring different looks in Second Life and I'm having a lot of fun with it. There are stores I've recently visited stores that I normally wouldn't have in the past. That's what I love about Second Life, the ability to sort of re-invent yourself.
I've also started to explore different ways to photograph myself because what's a great look without being able to capture it? Unfortunately, my computer doesn't have a great graphics card *insert sad face here*.

With that said, I have to say my photo below (with my good friend Adara) does not do justice. If you'd like to see a better shot of the girl's outfit and information go visit her site, My Messy Little Closet! She advised me that the store, Sweetest Goodbye, is having a 40% off sale due to their recent closing announcement.

Picture 2:

Top: Sweetest Goodbye - Ok Go (Closing Sale 40% off)

Picture 3:

Outfit: Sweetest Goodbye - School Boy (Closing sale 40% off)

Picture 3:

Tank: Plastik- Kuhra Tank/Construct (Part of Subscribo Gift)

Picture 4:

Skin: Plastik - Vaelian/Smoke-Ink (Check Group Notices, part of Kea's Birthday)

Update: I stated earlier that I didn't know who "Kea" was, but Adara just informed me it's for Aikea, - the creator of Plastik. Happy Birthday!

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  1. Kea stands for Aikea and she's the creator from plastik XD