"Summer, Summer, Summertime..."


"....Time to sit back and unwind." Don't hate, you know you're jamming to Fresh Prince too! The Seasons Hunt: Summer has arrived and sure enough there are a few things available for men. In this hunt, you're looking for a shark.

Now, I'm not sure if the creators of NSD and FIR & MNA got together and coordinated their hunt items, but they match really well. I have to say even the colors seem to be the same!

Pictures 1-3:

Eyes: Nanuk - Li Eyes Honber
Shirt and Shorts: NSD - Sailor Top/ Tour Boas Shorts
Shoes: FIR & MNA - The Twine Shoes

The shorts from NSD also work really well with the tops from Young Urban and Boye.

Picture 4:

Tank: Young Urban - Keegan Green Striped Tank

Picture 5:

Shirt: Boye - Forever Tee

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