I have a new laptop with a decent graphics card.  I am so rapt.  The only issue was that I had to download new viewer and they have gone and changed how the windlight settings are done, so now I can't set up the settings I usually use, cos it will take some thought and brainpower...cough...um.

I will get round to it...sometime.

In the meantime, here is my first pic on my new laptop (I had to go through three to get to this one).  If you want to know ANYTHING about what to look for in a new laptop that will run SL, then please ask.  Hehe.

Overalls:  Argyle Anonymous - Dungaroos (45L at Super Bargain Weekend Venue)
Shirt:  Kyoot - Chained Thread Top - Aubergine (50L Friday)
Hair:  Truth - Jordan - Chocolate (250L for Colour Pack)
Jewellery:  League - Pearls and Lace Jewellery Set (50L Friday)
House:   Awesome Blossom - Pembroke Gardener's Cottage and Accessories (60L for cottage and 60L for accessories pack at Super Bargain Weekend Venue)
Pose:  Love Me Brutal - But Where is the...? (40L in last week's Lazy Sunday
Shoes:  Kookie - Pipp - Earth Pack (50L Friday)
Skin:  Baiastice - Special Asian Sunkissed (Group Gift)

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