All Meshed Up


Today I heard about this new-fangled 'mesh' thing.  It was a hot topic in group chat.  I hadn't heard about it at all so I asked lots of questions.

I got this from the SL website:

"Mesh is a new capability that allows polygonal models (meshes) that were created in external applications to be imported into Second Life. Mesh models are in COLLADA (.dae) format, similar to those used to create models for video games, films, and animation."

Well, that was helpful...not.

So, I copied this from the notecard I received from Janie, the owner of Jane, who released Mesh items today:

"Mesh is worn on top of the avatar, much like clothing would in real life.  By nature, mesh clothing cannot be modified within Second Life.  You CAN change the attachment points over and over and they will always automatically align to the place the creator placed them.  This is great as you will no longer have to realign items you move from point to point.  Mesh is also created to move with your body.  If you should sit down while wearing a mesh skirt, the skirt will bend with you, rather than having a rigid sculpt or prim jutting out in front of you.  You will no longer need glitch layers to conceal the fact that a leg is sticking out of the side of your skirt.  If you kick your leg in the air, the mesh skirt will stretch with the kick.  It's truly amazing."

There is more on the card, so when I get permission I will put it as a separate page at the top of the blog.

So far it is only the official Second Life Viewer (Version 3.0.0) and Kirstens that support mesh.  Here is an example of what it will look like to non-supported viewers HERE .

The big up for me is how few items it adds to your inventory total.  This is my folder of the dress in Pic 3.  Instead of tons of layers and prims, there is just an alpha and 1 prim!  I also love the lack of joins and seams.  Is so cool.

I am concerned how I will appear to others who do not have supported viewers however.  Perhaps we will have to set up areas for Mesh Supported Viewers...bit elitist.

After posting this, I hassled my friend Ben, who uses the Phoenix Viewer, to come and take a pic for me so you can see what the new mesh items will look like to people using non-supported viewers.  It is sad because I was feeling all glam until I saw this!  Oh, and by the way, Ben came straight from a lingerie party and now I am scarred for life.


The items that show prices are Mesh items, while the rest are available at Jane too (apart from the boots from Coco of course!).

Pic 1:
Skirt:  Maxi Skirt - Meeana - Truffle (150L)
Tank: Intrinsic Tank - Br.Truffle

Pic 2:
Shorts: Gingham - Black (150L)
Tank:  Intrinsic Tank - Wh.Milk
Boots:  Coco Designs - Work Boots - Black (200L)

Pic 3:
Dress:  Tank Dress - Chevron - Delicious (200L)

Pic 4:
Dress:  Sack Dress - Tweet - Marine (200L)

Pic 5:
Jeans - Classic Fit - Shreds (150L)
Tee:  Essence Tee - Pewter

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