Blue with Cold and Red with Anger!


Today in AryaLand it is cold.  Not just, "Oh, isn't it chilly!", but "My hands and face are so cold they are burning!" type cold.  Places that don't normally get snow are 'enjoying' a blanket of snow.

This is when I smile as I head into SL and throw on summery gear and pretend I am not sitting inside with the fire roaring.

I am going to use this 'inside time' to have a bit of a growl, so I am warning you what is ahead...

Today, I was drawn to people in a hunt group complaining about hunt items.  In fact, they were being downright rude about them.  I was shocked, and managed to tell them what I thought about that.  I was glad to see a few others wading in on the subject as well.

When I first came into Second Life 3 and a half years ago (Arya is my second avi) there were no hunts.  I got most of my 'freebies' from lucky chairs, midnight mania boards and in stores where designers were kind enough to leave out items.

Early on in SL I decided that I wouldn't spend any of my RL money in SL which meant that I had to earn my Lindens.  At the beginning I entered competitions in clubs and used the money trees that were scattered about.  Later on I learned how to DJ and managed to get some gigs to earn some money.

I think this helped me to be thrifty in SL.  I earned the money, so I was aware that if it ran out I would have nothing to buy the things I enjoyed.  I became good at finding bargains and joined groups that helped too.  I also saved my money and bought only what I needed. 

Doing this I have managed to have my own land with a house and to begin my blog.  My DJing helps keep my blog going as I use the money to buy the items that I show.  I am lucky that some designers give me items to show, but this is not the case with everything. I am not saying this for pity votes, but to let you know that blogging is not a free ride to 'getting stuff'.  It costs me loads and takes a heap of time.

Now about 3 years ago the hunt phenomenon began.  The first hunt I remember was the Greatest Love Valentines Hunt, and I still have some items from that.  It was so cool.  I couldn't believe the generosity of designers, and this became my new way of being able to acquire awesome clothes and home items.  It also was my introduction to my fav SL group, The Greatest Love.  I am still in the group and love them to bits.  Good people (don't tell them I said that, cos they will smell my weakness...).

Hunts in SL are very common now. They are literally everywhere.  I pick and choose the ones I do, and I made a decision early on to only show items that I would wear.  Fashion is subjective.  I show what I like and other blogs will show other items.  I am not egocentric enough to think that people only read my blog.  I read heaps of different ones myself.

Hunts became the way that I was able to 'afford' quality items that  I would otherwise have been unable to buy.  I have spent many, many hours hunting and sorting hunt items.  Some I have loved and kept and others weren't my thing, but that is the best bit about hunts.  I can pick and choose what I keep depending on my taste.  Hunts have also been a staple of my blog and provide a great source of items to show.

So, today when I heard people putting down items in a hunt it made me pretty angry.  I have designer friends and I know how much effort they put into their items.  I also know that designers don't have to put out items, but they do.  I also know that the people who organise these hunts lose sleep and almost bleed pixels so that we can enjoy them.

The last two hunts I have done have had a minimal cost for each of the hunt items (1L or 10L).  10L covers a picture upload.  It does not cover the hours of time and effort that goes into making hunt items.  Most of these hunts have SLurls to the places, so that people can pick and choose if they wish.  This gives all of us options.

So, to you hunt whingers (AryaLand slang for whiners/complainers/moaners) I have some comments for you:

  1. If you don't want to pay the minimal another hunt, there are plenty to choose from!
  2. If you don't like the hunt item, keep it to yourself. The hunt group is not the forum for you to put down hunt items or the designers.  It is rude and shows a lack of manners. 
  3. Just because you don't like something doesn't mean that others won't.  Fashion is subjective.  My style is my own and things appeal to me that don't to my friends.
  4. Remember, your behaviour can affect others.  If you put down a designer then they are less likely to want to be involved in hunts in the future.  I have seen this happen and it ruins it for the rest of us.
And finally here is some wisdom from some hunt gurus on this topic:

"They [hunt complainers] need to be shot along with those parents who bring their undisciplined kids to restaurants and allow them to run amok during your meal.  Just saying...manners."

"If you don't like the stuff then toss it, but don't complain. It's generally a free item that someone took the time to create and offer!!"

"Would you complain to your grandma to her face about a gift even if it's gaudy?  Imagine the vendors as your grandma and you'll behave!"

"Politeness seems to elude some people just like common sense eludes some."

All the items in this pic are past hunt items.  The lingerie and the bed are from my first hunt in 2009.

Bed:  DAHaus- VDay Round Bed (Greatest Love Valentine Hunt 2009)
Lingerie:  Nekorifiik - VDay Lingerie (Greatest Love Valentine Hunt 2009)
Hair: Truth - Becky - Chocolate (Truth District Hunt 2011)
Shoes:  Rainbow Soup - Dancing Shoes (IFLD Hunt 2010)
Skin:  Natural Beauty - Tulip (Platinum Hunt 2011)

I want to say a HUGE thank you to all the designers and hunt organisers for making SL so much fun and for all the awesome items I have stashed in my inventory from over the years. You all rock!

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  1. Thank you for your post Arya, a lot of creators do put a huge effort into our hunt items and it isn't always easy to find the time. I think most people are appreciative and it's for those that we continue to what we do :)


  2. I agree, Elle. Most people are. It is just a shame that some ruin it for others.