Day of Darkness


I have a small thing about the dark and macabre ( I know, you never would have guessed!), so when I heard about The Death's Birthday Hunt at The Darkness sim I was over there like a bat out of...well, you know.

There are three stores involved in this hunt: The Death, Fear Us, and The Dolls House.

This is, however, not a hunt for the faint of heart.  It is freaking hard!  First thing you have to do is find your way out of the train station by heading up.  Then you go into the Fear Us store and join the group.  I tried to do it using The Death group tag and it wouldn't let me (trap for the uninitiated there!).

From there you are trying to find the letters 'T-H-E-D-E-A-T-H'.  The first clue is:  Prices aren't the only things getting slashed.  This will take you to the first 'T'.

Now, so you know. The letters are ALL over the sim, not just in the stores. Definitely use the group chat to help you. They were super helpful.  At this point I want to say a big THANKS to Reebee who was a lifesaver with the last three letters. You rock!!

I will admit that I gave up halfway through and went home to unpack, but when I saw how awesome the gifts were, I went back and called on the group for help!  Make sure you persevere!

All pics today are taken around The Darkness sim.

Pic 1:
Outfit and Jewellery with Boots:  The Death - Warm Me - Black
Skin:  Fear Us - Crimson Skin
Hair:  [rQ] - Hush - Onyx (Not in Hunt)

Pic 2:
Outfit:  The Death - Most Wanted (Naughty version not shown)

Pic 3:
Outfit: The Dolls House - Pin Up (Naughty version of this too)

Pic 4:
Outfit:  The Death - Ambition - Brown (For Boys too!)

Pic 5:
Outfit with Shoes: The Death - Pussy Cat - Red, and Chicaboom Shoes

Pic 6:
Outfit:  The Death - Midnight Riders

Pic 7:
Piercings:  Fear Us - Gothic Lip Cross

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