I haven't done a good ole hunt for ages.  I know that will shock you all.  I just get busy blah, blah (insert excuse here).  Cough.

But I was enticed into the For The Love Of Summer Scavenger Hunt and then did a side-tour to gather the bits in the Y's House group hunt.  I must give a big THANK YOU to a fellow GL Group Member for her help on this one!  She knows who she is!  Here is the cool gift from Y's House:

NOTE:  All items are from the FTLO Hunt unless otherwise stated.

Pic 1:
Skin and Makeup:  Heartsick - Haiku - Harmony - Neptune and Teeth Makeup
Outfit:  [AE] Clothing - Cannie (10L in Closing Sale.  Sad Face)
Poses:  Rozena - School Girl

Pic 2:
Outfit:  [AE] Clothing - Sequin Outfit Set 1 Black (10L in Closing Sale)

Pic 3:
Bikini:  [Sleeping Koala] - Bikini - Kiwi (well, I had to wear that colour!)

Pic 4:
Outfit:  American Bazaar - Bikini Top and Denim Skirt
Pose:  Glitterati - Disco VIP (VIP Group Gift)

Pic 5:
Outfit:  Waffle! - Polka Dot Bikini and Carny Shorts

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