If you live on the east coast of North America, you'll understand when I say the word, "Irene". She's coming, in full force, for a vacation headed straight towards New York. So, if you can't get out of the house the next few days, here are some places in-world to check out!

Also, does anyone know of any tutorials or classes I could take as an introduction on building with mesh? Like using programs such as Blender.

Picture 1:

Top: 20.Five - Argyle Gray/Tan (25L *everything in the store is 25L!!*)

Picture 2:

Boxerbriefs: Vitamen - Monthly Freebie (0L)

Picture 3:

Top: Guarded Cross - Coca Cola (0L *lower floor*)
Shorts: SZD - Lowered Shorts/Black (Group Gift)

Picture 4:

Top: Guarded Cross -Superman World Citizenship (0L *lower floor*)

Picture 5:

Top: Guarded Cross - Bulldog Cafe (0L *lower floor*)
Shorts: SZD - Lowered Shorts/Blue (Group Gift)

Picture 6:

Top: Guarded Cross - HONDA (0L *lower floor*)

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