I honestly almost did shed tears for this one lonely pic.  SL had me beaten today.  I crashed EVERY single time I took a photo.  So, I downloaded other viewers (I use V2) and they hated me. Couldn't even rez.

Then I reloaded SL.  Of course, then I had lost all my windlight settings so had to sort that.

Finally, I left the sim I was in and took the pic at home in case that was the issue.  I managed to get this one pic before I crashed again.

It is apt that the colour for the Blogger Colour Challenge is LIVER, because I am really needing a drink...

I decided to make this a 'back to school' pic.  That is always a sad moment.  Picture this by a train track, cos that is where it was supposed to be.

Sorry there are no URLs to anything because of the whole crashing thing.  I will add them tomorrow. 

A new day, so here is the lowdown to what I was wearing on Crashy Day.

Hair:  Truth - Tasmine - Chocolate (250L for Colour Pack)
Sweater:  []Pole[] - Hotty Sweater - Charcoal (Not sure where this store is...)
Skirt and Socks:  ALEIDA - Jenny - Schoolgirl (Re-Opened store, so not sure if it is available there)
Skin:  YS & YS - Alice - 02 (75L at The Dressing Room)
Makeup and Eyes:  Izzie's - Sad Eyes - Green and Tears Makeup (90L in TOSL)
Boots:  Coco Designs - Lace-Up Work Boots (200L in Sale)
Bag:  (Store No Longer Exists) - Conspiracy Briefcase
Pose:  Glitterati - Purse 2 (100L for Set in Sale)
House:  {what next} - Laurel Cottage (1500L)

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  1. Aw, Arya, we all have SL days like that, don't we? But tears? Back to school blues? I think that definitely captures our feelings toward "liver" ;)

  2. Awww don't cry *hands you a hankie* Days like that are WAY too common to waste tears over... You look really pretty on your trip off to school, and the skirt is adorable!

  3. *wipes her nose*

    Aww,thanks guys, you are soooo sweet. I feel happier about heading off to school now.

  4. Aw Arya no more tears... the pic came out great, and you framed it in a sweet story!
    Off to school with you. Hugs!

  5. Give Firestorm a try! It works sooo much better for me than stupid SL viewer! Unfortunately firestorm doesn't allow use of mesh yet... *wipes your tears* You do look great and I love the whole style!

  6. Firestorm hates me. I can work on top graphic setting in V2, but in Firestorm I had to put it to lowest and it still wouldn't rez.