"We Can Dance If We Want To......"


I love August for several reasons: 1. New hunts, events, group gifts, and sales; 2. My birthday is just around the corner, shout out to all the other Leos!

One of hunts that have started this month is the 80's Hunt. Since I'm a product of the 80's I really wanted to participate and reminisce a little. Plus who doesn't love a good ol' fashion 80's party!? Chicks love 80's parties, true story.

First lets start off with sales events this week. The skin, hair, and hoodie I'm wearing in the first picture are from amazing sales events that you'll want to check out and it won't break the bank.

Picture 1:

Hair: Angel@MSW - Joseph
Hoodie: CheerNo@MSW - Slub Hoodie
Skin: Sorry.Asia@XYroom - London

Okay, onto the hunt items!

Picture 2:

Top: The Happy Hat - <3 the 80's tee

Picture 3:

Top/Glasses/Sweatband: Beautiful Disaster -TMNT Shirt

Picture 4:

Top: JCz Fuckin' Teez - Gizmo

Last, but not least, we move onto group or monthly gifts!

Picture 5:

Jacket: SF Design - Baseball Jacket Mens Blue (Monthly Gift 0L)

Picture 6:

Skin: Filthy - August/Bronze (Group Gift)
Shorts: Connors @Kmadd - Surf Pants Camouflage (Gift 0L)

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