Art Auction


We have an art auction happening right now at Loveli Feed a Smile with the most incredible SL artists donating their work for this worthy cause.  You have the opportunity to bid on works from these top SL artists:

Dulcis Taurog, Fiona Leitner, Betty Tureaud, Soror Nishi, Bobbi Laval,Dekka Raymaker, MariaLouisa Muircastle, Munroe Snook, Van Caerndow, Nebulosus Severine, Trill Zapatero, Chuckmatrix Clip, Lisisme Dubrovna,  Artman Diavol and Janjii Rugani, with more to arrive.

The auction process is very simple.  You come over to the art area HERE and put in an offer on the art you are wanting.  The highest offer at the end of the auction period gets to walk away with a highly collectible piece of Second Life art like this:

The best part is that EVERY cent spent, goes to providing food for children in Kenya. You get a beautiful artwork and they get food in their bellies.  It is a win/win situation!

We also have an amazing house to auction.  This had been kindly donated by Elle Crescendo of Designer Prims and is called The Suburban.  Elle has also said she will donate the furniture that is being displayed in the SHOW HOME on her sim!  So, come and bid on this lovely home and furniture package!  

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