One of my fave TV characters at the moment is Brick from The Middle.  That has absolutely nothing to do with the colour for today, but it is good that we share and get to know each other. (/me whispers "Get to know each other").

Now for those of you who don't watch the show, you will not get the joke above, so just frown and carry on.  To those of you who do watch the show that was funny!

Ok, enough frivolity.  Today I am wearing Brick Red for the Blogger Colour Challenge.  I am, as usual, late getting this done, but I will blame it on the fact that I only managed to do one pic yesterday and the any othe rattempts met with severe crashes.  It has led me to believe that SL Saturday is my day off!

Anyhoooo, here is what I came up with for Brick Red.  I took three pics and couldn't narrow it down, so you have them all.  I like these cos they show my tomboy side, which is me as a kid.

Hair:  (Explicit) - The Siren - Auburn (past hunt item - closed store)
Dirt:  Miss Shippes Studio - Digging in the Dirt (past hunt item)
Shirt:  Coco Designs- Shirt and Parka - Check Red (Group Gift)
Tank:  Jane - Intrinsic Tank - Red Delicious
Jeans:  RoTtEn DeFiAnCe - Low Rise Grunge - Flag
Sneakers:  HOC Industries - HOCs Lowtops - Bloody
Pose Scene:  Glitterati - Garage

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  1. cool outfit and cool pics ... but I hope your childhood was a lil less bloody ;-)

  2. Naw, that is not blood. Is just oil and dirt. Hehe.

  3. Love these pics Arya. they are just great.

  4. Such a cool tomboy look... Wish I'd looked this cool as a kid instead of being stuck as a ginger curly haired girlie girl LOL... Love the look!

  5. Haha, thanks Rud! I was more blonde than this and I had curls that I cut short much to my mother's disgust.