For Your Entertainment


The awesome Loveli Feed a Smile fundraising event is in full swing, so I thought I would let you know about all the amazing live acts and parties you can be attending over the next few days.  Here is the  TP Point so you can jump straight there!

For more information on where the money raised in this event is going, please check out the Loveli Website.  It is such a worthwhile cause and your Lindens will putting a smile on the face of children, so come and enjoy the entertainment and be generous!

Wednesday 21st Sept
1-3am - DJ Kohn Rotaru - This DJ will have you dancing and begging for more!

1-2pm - LaidBack Kelt - LIVE
5-6pm - DJ Arya Braveheart - Get ya groove thang on with some 80's music
6-8pm - Britt McMahon - Brian Setzer Tribute and DJ set.

Thursday 22nd Sept
2-3.30pm  Rock Doghouse - LIVE
6-8pm - DJ Arya Braveheart - Full DUB set.

Friday 23rd Sept
1-2pm - Independent Ballet
2-4pm - DJ Madam Darkstone - She will ROCK your world!
4-7pm - DJ Chriscloud Loon - Dishing up Blues and Rock!

Saturday 24th Sept
2-3pm  Frederic Heberle -  Reading African Poetry - LIVE
3-5pm Britt McMahon  - Prince Tribute and DJ Set
5-6pm - Mezzo Silverweb - LIVE
6-7pm - Zoree Jupiter - LIVE

Sunday 25th Sept
11-12pm  - Jana Kyomoon - LIVE
12-1pm - Frederic Heberle -  Reading African Poetry
3-5pm - Britt McMahon - Gaga Tribute and DJ Set

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