I Heart Sales


I got a notecard through today about a 50% off sale at [Bukka].  I remembered the awesome belt I got from there, so I raced over to have a looksee at what clothes they had.  This turned very quickly into a shopping frenzy, as sometimes happens.

Here is what I found...

Pic 1 and 2:
Top:  Tank Top - Black (75L)
Shorts:  Stripe Short Pants - Black (50L)
Leggings:  Vantage Leggings - Black (90L)
Backpack: Old Leather Bag - DarkBrown (75L - see pic 3 for on hip option)
Hair:  IrEn - Kim - Coffee Bean (Available Instore)

Pic 3:
Top:  Cut-Sewn - Cream (Lucky Chair)
Skirt:  Leather Skirt - Brown (50L)
Hair:  Lamb! - Unbirthday Redux - Snickers (0L)

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  1. NICE... that stuff looks really cute I think I am gonna have to go take a looksee!!! Thank you!

  2. You are so welcome! Thanks for the feedback.

  3. I am loving the photos with the new puter Arya. They are really amazing.

  4. Wow, Kav! That is high praise! Thankyou!