A Meshy Situation


I know you've probably seen a great number of posts on mesh lately, but there aren't many targeted towards men or unisex items. I also wanted to wait awhile until designers/creators got a good handle on creating mesh for Men. I like to spend my lindens on something I'd actually wear!

Mesh is viewable only with the official Second Life Viewer and with Kirstens 21 (9). I've heard rumors that Firestorm is on it's way to support Mesh (I really hope this is true). So please make sure you are able to run one of the two viewers or that your system can support it before buying any mesh items. If your system has a Nvidia Graphics 400 series, you may have issues and you may visit this JIRA. I was lucky enough to able to log into Kirsten viewer to be able to capture some images.

The Pros of Mesh: It's smooth looking and contours the shape of your body. It flexes and conforms to your movements. The only creases that show are where your body bends, no awkward lines or bumps. With less attachments, you aren't weighed down by prims to lag you! With less prims in a folder, your inventory will thank you.

The Cons of Mesh: It's no Mod. Thankfully a lot of designers have included different sizes try to accommodate to fit your shape. For guys, most designers have included two sizes, "regular shape" and "muscular". If your shape doesn't appeal to either, you're kind of screwed. Since not everyone uses SL Viewer or Kirstens, to them you might look like this:

Hot, right? More like a hot mess.

If you visit :LuTimez: you'll find a great mesh hoodie. Again, it's available in two sizes. I really enjoy the fact that I didn't have to adjust any prims and that it worked well with all the poses in my stand!

If you're looking for an entire Mesh outfit, head over to SF Designs. They have an entire suit in three different colors. I love how it fits on me and you can really see that the only creases seen on the outfit is where they should be (elbows/knees). The white shirt and tie are not included, but it allows you the flexibility to mix n' match. Another bonus is that there are other alpha layers included if you want to wear the jacket or pants separately.

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