Relaxing with the Butterflies


I saw this pose chair  and pose set from Baffle! and had to grab it.  I love butterflies.  I always have to stop and watch them as they float by.  So beautifully created and graceful.

Both the chair and poses are Lazy Sunday items and are 75L each.

The outfit I am wearing in Pic 1 and 2 is called Business Woman Outfit and is only 20L in the Pure Poison Sale.

The dress in Pic 3 is called Not Forgetting and is 10L for members at Agnes Finney.

The dress and shoes in Pic 4 are from Prim & Pixel.  They are having a sale at the moment on all their summer items, so race over and stock up for next summer!  I will say it is great for me, because we are heading into summer here in Aryaland...just sayin'.

The skin I am wearing in all the pics is from YS&YS and is called Veronica Hot Skin.  It is 70L and is an extra as a Shop of the Collection item at The Dressing Room.  You can get it at TDR or at the YS&YS mainstore.  I have edited these pics, so I will show you a non-edited view of this skin in another post today.  I just liked the colours of the edits with the butterflies!

The hair is a new item from Truth and is called Abigail.

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