Desert Khaki


Today's Blogger Colour Challenge colour is KHAKI and I have gone with the colour sample from Luna's post.  When I started putting this ensemble together I realised I looked quite desert army, so this pic was born.

Helmet:  DERP - Military Warhead Helmet
Tank:  Jane - Intrinsic Tank - Brown - Khaki
Shorts:  Coco Designs - Cargo Shorts - Sahara
Hair:  Amacci - Nettie Hair - Wheat Blonde
Boots:  Coco Designs - Engineer Boots - Brown
Tattoo:  Para Designs - Tribal Gift - Light
Gun:  Mistress Midnight - Benelli Tactical Shotgun (search her name)
Tags:  Library:  Male Action Dogtags (Inventory Library!)

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  1. For sure, I wouldn't want to be your enemy! What a great outfit you put together:)

  2. OOH OOHH OHH! LOVE this entire look! From the helmut the clothes and the boots. And lets not forget the shotgun, giving this pic that "sweet" but "dont mess with me" finishing touch!

  3. Great outfit, you look so bad ass. Hot.

  4. Wow, you look dangerously fabulous !

  5. What an interesting mixture of archeology and warfare... you look hot!

  6. I know every person thought of something like this when khaki was posted as this week's color, but you really pulled it off amazingly!