Too Quiet


I was chatting with Mister last night and we both realised that SL had been a VERY quiet place yesterday.  I had absolutely nothing to blog, and the notecards were scarce.  It was frightening. 

But, just as I was ready to curl up in the corner and rock, I got a notecard about the Grenade Free Wednesday at Jersey Shore.  I raced over and, even though not all the items were out yet, I managed to get this cute skirt (Autumn Paperbag Skirt - 50L) from (SUI BUTTON) and this cool bag, with texture change options, from Glamour Designs (Flower with Gun Bag - 65L).

The stockings I am wearing are a new item from Kamikaze and the detail on them is so awesome.  They come in a variety of colours and are super smexy! (Angelina Stockings - Black)

My hair is an older item from Amacci called Lisette, but also one of my favs!  The boots are from Miel and are called Troupe Shoes.

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