Autumn is Here


Today it is my turn to show some items from The Seasons Hunt that I finished yesterday, since Mister got in before me!

The background I am using is in the Whimsy background pack and is from Props and Poses.

Before I do that I would like to take this time to thank all the awesome people I met on this hunt for their help and company.  I had a blast and you made it all the more fun.

I would also like the thank the designers and hunt organisers.  This was a fun hunt and the items are of a high quality!

I was discussing with some friends of mine in a hunt group I am in (actually, more like shopping addicts) about hunts.  Here is my thoughts blended in with some of theirs:

I decided that it would be good to have some sort of hunt rating, so that people were aware of the intensity and difficulty of a hunt overall.  This would be useful for new hunters and also for seasoned ones who like things a bit trickier.  It then lets the hunter know what they are in for.

I personally dislike decoys.  This was not the total consensus of the group, but it is my personal feelings which some others also shared.  I guess I like the mid-range hunts.  Not too easy, but not ones that make me extremely frustrated and grumpy.  I am happy to spend up to half an hour hunting and then if I don't find it, I move on.

It seems to me (but please feel free to disagree) that the purpose of hunts is to promote the individual stores.  If I have spent a long time in a store with 100 decoys, it does not make me inclined to want to hang out there or revisit, which seems to defeat the intended purpose of the hunt.  If I go to McDonalds and the service is terrible and my time there leaves me hating the place then I am not likely to feel the need to return.  I will go to Burger King instead.   However, some people love the challenge of decoys, which brings me back to point 1.  A rating system would be helpful.

The decoys also add to the lag, which is no fun for anyone.  As a friend of mine said, "No one likes hunting in pudding, even if it is chocolate!"  Hunts are supposed to be fun for everyone; both for vendors and hunters.  I know I prefer fun to extreme frustration!

Now, please don't get me wrong. I love hunts and I appreciate the hard work and sacrifice of the designers.  I did my first hunt when they were a new thing and I have been hooked ever since.  But, I do know that the recent trend to foil and frustrate hunters leaves me cold.  There are certain hunts I shy away from for this reason, but I am also aware that some people thrive on this challenge.  I guess I would just like to know what I am in for before I begin.

I would be interested in your feedback on this.  I might be way off!

(I am climbing off my soapbox now and getting on with the clothes....)

Pic 1:
Hair:  Shag - Falling Slowly
Dress:  [AddiCt] - Lucille Sweater Dress
Scarf:  Tres Blah - Autumn Scarf
Leggings:  [Magic Nook] - Indian Summer Leggings
Shoes:  *Fir and Mna* - The Ashbury Loafer - Autumn

Pic 2:
Tee:  Alphavillain - New York Herald Tribune
Pants:  Eleanor Rigby - Plain Jane Cigarette Jeans
Hair and Hat: - Apple - Pale Brown

Pic 3:
Top:  Kyoot - laced Autumn Top - Golden
Sweater:  Baiastice - Agustin - Open Cardigan - Lion Beige (TDR Blue Store of the Collection)

Pic 4:
Hair: (Milk Motion) - Leila - Dark Brown
Scarf:  NSD - Seasons Scarf
Outfit:  (u.f.o) - The Last Fall With You
Tights:  Jane - Lil Piggies Tights - Fuzzy - Brown Coffee (Not in Hunt - also eggshell in Pic 5)
Boots:  +Mocha+ - Flower Mouton Boots

Pic 5:
Dress:  Ingenue - Bijou Dress
Scarf:  (Elate) - Darling Pink Scarf
Bag:  Duh! - Seasons Hunt Fall Bag
Shoes:  Willow - Creek Moccasins

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  1. An interesting idea, and has some merit, worth a consideration.


  2. Thanks, Sebastian. Appreciate the feedback. I have no control over hunts, but is an idea.

  3. A rating system would be great.
    I do agree about decoys esp ones that have a note re Oh it is not here now as I moved it because some one told location in hunt group. Probably 90% of the hunters did not hear the locations and found the item on there own

  4. The decoys can be very difficult. I have sight issues-so most hunts are difficult enough but when there are decoys or they size the object so small it is virtually impossible for me. Too many decoys I will pass the store by and in most cases not even go back to look at the regular items-which I do. I end up spending more $L on hunts than most any other time so it is not always about the freebie for me.

  5. Lol! I hate the decoys but understand that the designers put them there because of area search. I hunt to find stores I like and if it's a store I am familiar with, I will also pick them up. As someone who lags majorly on SL, most of my decisions on what store to frequent aren't made by my standing and browsing merchandise as I look for an item but by unpacking their hunt item, trying it on, and being like wow, this is an awesome freebie so I know their items for sale will be even more fabulous. I then slap the subscriber so I get updates on new releases and can just go to the store to snag those without waiting for the whole store to rez.

    With that said, I searched one of those stores with a decoy for 20 mins before I found an item and I have purchased things from them before. It frustrated me greatly that this owner had out about 100 pumpkins and has made me not want to buy more from them. There are definitely pros and cons to using decoys in my opinion and I guess it's the designer's choice.

  6. Hi Arya, as a vendor I find this feedback really interesting. I personally don’t use decoy’s, I like people to find my items without any frustration. Possibly I make it a little to easy and I should consider that some hunters do like a challenge, it’s not always about picking up freebies.

    I have only ever done a couple of hunts myself and I confess I’m not a good hunter as I don’t have the patience and I find it frustrating. Which is why I’ve always made it easy for hunters to find my stuff. I’m aware of the area search function and I feel, if people are going to use it, clearly they’re not interested in the challenge and more power to them I say, it doesn’t bother me if people want to do that.

    I think a happy medium is what’s needed, not to hard to find but a bit of a challenge.

    I think if you’re going to rate a hunt you need to keep it simple

    Level of difficulty
    1 difficult
    2 not bad
    3 easy peezy

    You could do the same for overall quality too if you wanted.

    That’s my 2lindens worth hehe