Beauty of Autumn


I have recently discovered a new store that I have fallen in love with.  It is called Dreamscapes and full of gorgeous furniture and art.  You may have come across it in hunts of late and I was glad I had.  I spent a fair bit of time looking for an item, but it was great because I got to have a good look at all the lovely items on offer.

In the pics I am wearing DCNY - Button Down Shirt, Izzie's - Bandage Leggings, and Cracked Mirror - Autumn Flats (all are in the Taste of SL Hunt). The grass in the pics is from Fucifino and came with a Moody Monday doorway trellis that I bought (except in pic 4 which comes with the set)

Here is a taste of some of the stunning autumn items you can buy or hunt for!

Pic 1:
Autumn Feast (199L)

Pic 2:
Autumn Trellis (199L)

Pic 3:
Table and Items:  Harvest Table and Accessories (249L)
Stump:  Autumn Tree Stump (99L)
Basket:  Autumn Basket with Gourds and Leaves (99L)

Pic 4:
Autumn Garden Set (Taste of SL Hunt)

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