Been Awhile


I logged in- world to find a little note card from Arya. "Great, what does she want now?", I thought to myself :P.

I'm kidding, if it wasn't for her I wouldn't have found these great deals on menswear! Stop over to "Shop & Save in Denmark" to find mens fashion by Vanguard all marked at 40L. It also features furniture and decor by [SD].

Picture 1:

Top:[VanGuard] @ Shop & Save - Benny Sweater Jacket (40L)
Jeans: [VanGuard] @ Shop & Save - Joel Jeans/Blue (40L)

It's been awhile since I've done a hunt and I really miss it. It wasn't exactly a breeze, but it's worth it when you find all the items. The hunt is called "hunting 9" and you must wear a HUD that is offered at all stores participating in the hunt. Just click on the board/poster to obtain one. Once you have obtained all the hunt items, TP back to +Grasp+ to get the special prize!

Here's a picture of the HUD when all items are found. The pink light signifies that you have found the item for the store. You're looking for a bright pink star- it varies in size.

Picture 2:

Scarf: Connors - SCARF and Oops BOB is!
Tank: +Grasp+ - Graphixx Tank

Picture 3:

Outfit: LikeA - Denim 301 + Tshirt/ Full Parka

Picture 4:

Outfit: +Grasp+ - Special Prize/ Patch Shirts/ Denim Sarrouel

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