Mister and I had fun today sussing out the awesome items available in the Boo-for-2 Event that starts tomorrow.  We decided to view some of the builds available and there are some pretty scary houses for your pleasure!

I will blog more about the clothes and skins etc tomorrow...if I am not to busy buying up large at the event!

Sorry about the added text on the pics.  I just felt like having some fun!

Remember to check back here tomorrow for the LM to the event!  Na, na, na nana!

Pic 1 and 2:
*Funky Junk*:  The Caretakers Cottage
Poses:  Aso! - Paper Bag

Pic 3:
-Hayana- bOo BoO Pumpkin House

Pic 4 and 5:
Designer Prims - Scary Little Skybox

Pic 6:
[Sleeping Koala] - Rather Gross Skybox

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  1. LOL you guys this is AWESOME... so much better than a comic strip!!! Love it... and cant wait to get in there after seeing this lot hehe

  2. ahahahahaha Thank you! You made my rather gross skybox look epic! Love it!