FTLO Halloween Preview


Tomorrow, Monday, October 10th, the FTLO Boo- for-2 Event will begin! The location of the event is here,  keep your eyes open on this blog as well as the official FTLO blog.
There will be something for both GUYS and GIRLS at this event. All participating stores are required to provide one male item and one female item. They choose which one will be hidden as a hunt gift (0L) and the other as 100L; a great deal! 

American Bazaar chose their male item as the hunt object for this event. 
Outfit: American Bazaar- Boo-for 2 

IZM's male item is their drape neck long knit sweater and I think it looks great paired with the white jeans from American Bazaar.
The Paper Bag Pose is by ASO! 
Both the top and the pose (with bag) can be found at the event tomorrow.

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