In Conclusion


Today is all about the furniture, poses and houses from The Seasons Hunt and ZombiePopcorn, plus some other bits and pieces.

I am trying to clean and sort my inventory, so I needed to get these blogged and out to ya!

Pic 1:
Hallstand and Accessories: Y's Houses - Retro Hallstand (TSH)
Candles:  Doppelganger - Mason Jar Candles (TSH)
House:  L2 Studio - The Caramel House

Pic 2:
Dining Set:  Designer Prims - Dessert Table Setting (Group Gift)

Pic 3:
Bed:  Art Dummy - And We Fall Bed (TSH)

Pic 4:
Seat:  Vespertine - Pieces of Autumn Seat

Pic 5:
Outdoor Gazebo:  Cheeky Pea - Melrose Autumn Retreat

Pic 6:
Bed:  {what next} - Autumn's Bed
House:  Zigana - Little Halloween Home

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