I am late AGAIN with the Blogger Colour Challenge (see last post for excuses).  The sad part of it is that I was SO organised and had my outfit and accessories sorted last week.  Perhaps that is when I should have done the pic.  Oh, well.

The colour this week was MOSS GREEN and I found a suitably mossy place to take the pic. I would like to thank PurpleMoon Creations for their sale and for having the right coloured items.  All my items today are from there!

Dress:  Elie in Green
Hair:  Dax in Swedish
Shoes:  Polka Pumps in Green
Bag:  Vintage Voyager Bag in Green

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  1. Love the way you use those warm golds with that rich green!

  2. That dress is gorgeous and the bag is so cute, I love this look.

  3. Thanks for the lovely comments! You guys rock!

  4. Nice picture Arya.. you look beautiful in that dress.. cute is the bag, bye bye Nic