New and Review


I got sent some awesome items to show you and I just couldn't wait.  They are delightful and delicious!  They are from three stores and I want to thank the designers for consistently making awesome clothes for me to wear.  I am egocentric like that!

I also had to show you the awesome 50L Friday item from Miel and more of the backgrounds from Props-n-Poses.

Pic 1:
Dress:  Jane - Tank Dress - Hello Again - Coffee (50L in Sheer Madness Weekend - Mesh)
Pose:  PNP - Runway - Male 05
Background:  PNP - Blessed Be 10
Earrings and Necklace:  Miel - Sha Set (50L in 50L Friday)

Pic 2:
Dress:  Kamikaze - Lisboa Dress 5 (New Item)
Pose:  PNP - Dalia 5

Pic 3:
Tee:  Kamikaze - Brad (10L for 12 hours tomorrow!)
Pose: PNP - Dalia 7

Pic 4:
Skirt:  22769 - Miniskirt - Scary Monsters (10L at The ThemePark)
Pose:  PNP - Runway - Male 02

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