On The Other Hand


It has been really interesting getting your responses and feedback on the use of decoys in hunts and in hunts in general.

A whole heap of you liked the idea of having hunt ratings.  Mister and I were trying to make up some today, but mostly they were not good.  For example, I think, "May end up in straight jacket, rocking in corner of padded cell," is just a bit wordy.  Hehe.  I would love to hear your ideas for hunt a hunt rating scale.

Today I talked to some vendors and a hunt organiser about the use of decoys and I was interested in it all from their point of view and I learned some new facts that I was unaware of.

The first thing I learned is that there was originally a good reason for decoys.  This came about when some viewers introduced 'area searches'.

"Area search is a feature of Phoenix that tries to locate items near to you, based on the objects' names, owners, active group, and/or descriptions."

This function can also be found in Firestorm and means that hunters no longer need to even enter stores, and can simply teleport in and use area search to find hunt items.

Because this defeated the purpose of hunts, which is to promote stores, vendors felt the need to use invisible decoys to thwart the radars so that people actually needed to enter the stores to find items.

The hunt organiser I talked to said she felt that hunt numbers had declined since area searches came into existence.

 "Why would a store owner want to make an item and spend all that money and time to promote their store when the hunter is going to stand outside and scan and cam for it?"

"Say that Vendor X goes and spends 10k on a skin template to make a skin for the hunt and then people just stand outside and take it, it's just bad for everyone."

We also discussed the use of excessive decoy usage that seems to be prevalent and she agreed that this was unnecessary.  

I think that vendors also need to be aware that not all viewers have the area search capability and so by using 100 decoys we are all punished by the actions of a few, although I do understand their frustration.

I am also aware of certain hunt organisers who have banned the use of decoys from their hunts. I contacted one of these organisers today and asked them why they have taken this stance, and will let you know when I get their reply.

I have decided that it is about attitude.  I hunt to find new stores, blog awesome freebies and look at things as I go. If I like the items I go back and look around more closely. Hunts have led to me finding some of my fav SL stores.  I also make a point of thanking hunt organisers and have, at times, thanked individual designers for their awesome gifts.

I know what they do is not easy.  Hang, if it was we would all be doing it. It takes creativity, patience, time and money.  It is often a labour of love.

Vendors, I understand why you initially introduced the decoy and the intent behind it.  All I am saying is that moderation may be the key.  Having 100 visible decoys scattered about may turn some people off and also adds to lag issues.  Hunters, who commented to me, said that they would often bypass stores where this is happening, so be aware.  I also know that some hunters love this challenge, so perhaps it is looking at the style of hunt and theme and deciding if it is 'right' for the hunt.  

Hunters, please be thoughtful of the store owners and don't be greedy and rude.  These stores do not have to be in hunts, they choose to be.  Go into the stores, look around, subscribe to them, join groups and be thankful for whatever you get.  

I want to thank all the store owners, fellow-hunters and event organisers for talking to me and making me look at this issue from both sides.  I appreciate your politeness.  Thank you.

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