Trapped in Cream


Not sure how I got to this scene.  Think I found the dress and then it all sort of came out of that.  The colour this for the Colour Blogger Challenge is CREAM and I went as cream as I could for this.

I took a whole heap of pics, and couldn't pick out of the two I loved, so you get both.

Dress: Rotten Toe - Vintage Ballerina
Hair:  Arata Shouten - Renewal - Vanilla
Skin:  WEiRD DESiGNS - Lucinda Skin - Forsaken (ZP Hunt)
Makeup:  Delusions - Cursed Vanity 03 (ZP Hunt)
Shoes:  Jazmyn D - Woot! Ballerina Shoes (Part of Woot! Group Gift)
Choker:  Urban Dysfunction - Love Lock-It Choker
Poses:  HelaMiyo - Puppet
Background Scene:  PNP - GetAWay 9
Jar:  Made by Arya!

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  1. I love these broken dolls poses! Beautiful cream interpretation.

  2. The are fantastic photos, I love the marionette look and your angles are perfection. Nicely done.

  3. psychedelic ballet scenery.. wow i love those creative pictures BOTH lol , bye bye Nic

  4. Thanks guys, you all rock and appreciate the comments.

  5. I love this Arya, and you rocked cream!!! xoxo

  6. P.S....I adore "Arya's" beautiful heart.

  7. I love the distressed broken doll interpretation you came up with. Way to rock cream!