Zombie Season


Yep, it is Zombie Hunting Season.  I have my licence in hand and am ready to find some scuzzy lurchers to blast into oblivion.

Today's items are a bit of a wild mix from 2 different events:  ZombiePopcorn Hunt (ZP) and the Season Hunt (TSH).

Background is another one from Halloween Pack from PNP.

It's vewy qwiet in hewe.  Ssssh, I hear grwoaning and moaning.  It must be the wascally zombies.  Follow me!

Pic 1:
Skin:  Weird Designs - Lucinda Skin - Forsaken (ZP)
Dress: ~ Sassy!~ - Wisp Dress (ZP)
Pose:  Don't Freak Out!- Gone Huntin' (TSH)

Pic 2:
Sweater:  Tee*fy - Asymmetrical Sweater (TSH)
Leggings:  *TuttiFrutti* - I'm Dead - Low Leggings (ZP)
Makeup:  Skin&Bones - Bacio Lip Stain (TSH)

Pic 3:
Top:  !Ohmai - Faux Black Pygmy Vest (TSH)
Belt:  Sweet Leonard - Bloody Skull Belt (ZP)
Leggings:   *TuttiFrutti* - Pretty Dead - Low Leggings (ZP)
Tattoo:  REPULSE - Zombie Stomach Wound (ZP - Group Join Gift)

Pic 4:
Top:  [ANCAYI] - Little Black Flowers Tunic (ZP)
Shorts:  C'est Moi! - High Waist Shorts (ZP)
Bag:  TokiDoki - Bee Bag (TSH)
Wound:  REPULSE  - Clawed Eye Face Tattoo (ZP)

Pic 5:
Makeup:  Delusions - Cursed Vanity (ZP)
Lingerie:  d.Select - Cotton Undershirt and Panties (ZP)
Necklace:  KOSH - Hangman Necklace (ZP)

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