Pssst, Wanna Buy Some Stuff?


FTLO's Black Market is now open and there is some awesome items to be had at amazingly low, low prices!  I had a blast looking at all the amazing stuff on offer!  The Black Market replaces Saturday Night Fevah and means you don't have to wait til Saturday comes around to get some great things.

Most items retain the SNF 40L ceiling, but with designers able to offer a 100L item that is still sooo cheap!  The prices also mean you don't have to sell a kidney to look good, furnish your house, pose or glam up your avi!  Hoorah!

Here is a sampling of what is on offer:

Pic 1:
Hair:  MINA Hair - Michelle - BG06
Tattoo:  Beauty Killer - Butterfly Effect Tattoo
Lingerie:  Acid&Mala - Laced Bodysuit - Black

Pic 2:
Eye Tattoo:  {Fallen Doll} - Eye Scratch Tattoo
Cardigan: [Sleeping Koala] - Buttoned Cardigan - Orange
Pants:  [SAKIDE] - Unbuttoned Leather Pants - Black
Necklace:  ASO! - Flower Necklace - Orange

Pic 3:
Outfit:  *izm.* - Maid Dress
Boots:  Sweet Antidote - Anyalia Boots

Pic 4:
Poncho:  C'est La Vie - Wbutton Poncho Knit - Plum
Tights:  {Witches & Rats} - Colourful Spotties Leggings

Pic 5:
Bag:  P&T - Suede Clutch
Tank:  [Penned] - Grey Tank
Makeup:  [Mock] - Dark Kiss

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  1. Thank you for blogging my cardigan! <3

  2. You are so welcome. Thank you for commenting on the blog!